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 The Tazmanian Devils began in 1976 in Marin  County California.  The former Warner Brothers  recording artists 1980-81 and San Francisco  Bay Area Music Award winners (The Bammies)  for Best Bay Area Club Band 1981, are still going strong.  Their unique blend of rock, R&B, reggae and "80s new wave" have always set The Devils apart from everyone else.        They are back performing live for Tazmaniacs world wide.

DENNIS HOGAN: rhythm guitar and lead vocals

Dennis has been teaching mathematics and music (rock band!) at a small high school in Mendocino County.
He moved there in 1989 with his nine year old daughter and built his own home on 10 acres. He later met and married Beth, and together they are enjoying the country life.

DAVE CARLSON: lead guitar

Dave has been teaching guitar and bass at his musical instrument store in Santa Rosa, CA. In
1984 he formed FCC along with Zoe Fox and former Tazmanian Devils keyboardist Pat Craig and has had his own recording studio where he recorded Chris Isaak, Buddy Miles, David Crosby, and many others.
DUANE VAN DIEMAN: bass guitar and vocals

Duane lives in Mill Valley (where he, Dennis and Barry grew up) and has been performing and recording with several bands and individual musicians (Check out his FunKlub web site). His production work on their album "TAZ NUVOUX" has established himself as a first rate music producer.
BARRY LOWENTHAL: drums and percussion

Barry has recorded and toured with several San Francisco Bay Area bands and artists including two albums and a national tour with Steel Breeze. He has also recorded and performed with The KBC Band (Paul Kantner, Marty Balin and Jack Cassidy) as well as the acclaimed blues artist Alvin Youngblood Heart.


      In the first half of the 1980s, in addition to being Bay Ares club kings, "TAZ" also played several larger concerts, sharing the stage with The Starship, Tower of Power, Peter Tosh, Huey Lewis & the News, Greg Kihn to name a few. Their unique sound, together with colorful original songs and energetic performances, created a huge following of "Tazmaniacs" - many of whom still enjoy the band today.

     The Tazmanian Devils actually have their earliest roots back in the 1960s, when they played together in high school in 1967 (TAM and Drake high schools) and consider their relationship as "a musical brotherhood". After their 1983 'break up' they kept in touch with "jam sessions" and a few select shows during the 90s. The TAZMANIAN DEVILS returned in 2006 with the release of the most recent CD, TAZ NUVOUX, signaling the beginning of a new era.

     Highlighted by the soaring, soulful deliveries of lead singer Dennis Hogan and lead guitarist Dave Carlson and the solid, driving rhythm section of drummer Barry Lowenthal and bassist Duane Van Dieman, The Tazmanian Devils most recently have been performing as a quartet, minus their old friend, the extraordinary keyboardist/singer/songwriter, Pat Craig (who still pops in from time to time). The band is always working on new material as they continue to perform live shows for loyal fans, both old and new.

The Tazmanian Devils 1980 Warner Brothers Records
Broadway Hi-Life 1981 Warner Brothers Records.
Tazmanian Devils Live 1982 Dublab Records (EP recorded Live at Keystone Berkeley).
Taz Nuvoux 2006 Dubwest Records (includes Tazmanian Devils Live EP as bonus tracks)


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